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            How do I add many students?

            As a teacher you can add new students to your class. (If you are a Clever School, you cannot add students via LightSail). To add many students to your class do the following:

            You can also watch a tutorial by clicking here.

            You can add many students by uploading a google doc to LightSail

            The google doc should include the following:

            1. Student ID

            2. First Name

            3. Last Name

            4. Grade

            5. Classes

            To upload do the following:

            1. Click on the Menu (3 green lines in the left corner)

            1. Click Rosters

            1. Click Add Student(s)

            1. Choose Add Many

            1. Click Upload Students

            1. On the left hand corner click “Select Sheet”

            1. Choose the google sheet to upload

            1. Once you click the sheet to upload, the teacher will need to map the document to LightSail. The system will ask which column should fit the following requirements:

            1. Student ID

            2. First Name

            3. Last Name

            4. Grade

            5. Classes

            6. Click Save

            1. The system will ask you click yes to save a draft to your google draft with the LightSail name

            2. Click Yes

            3. You will now preview the roster. The preview includes the following:

            1. User Status (Returning Student or New Student)

            2. Student ID

            3. First Name

            4. Last Name

            5. Grade

            6. Classes

            1. A teacher can upload students in multiple classes. Students who already exist in LightSail will show up as “Returning Student”. It is important that a returning student is uploaded with the same ID as the previous year.

            If there are conflicts in the document, conflicts can include the following:

            1. Class doesn't exist

            2. Student is returning student and name doesn't match ID

            3. Grade doesn't exist

            If there is a conflict the box will have a red border. You can resolve the conflict on the preview.

            You can filter the preview as follows:

            1. New Student

            2. Returning Student

            3. Conflict

            You can also choose to only show all error rows by clicking “Show all error rows”.

            Once all conflicts are cleared or the teacher is ready to upload the roster, do the following:

            1. Click the box to the left of “user Status” to choose all students, the teacher can also choose specific students to upload by clicking the box to the left of their column.

            2. On the right corner click the arrow pointing upwards.

            The students will now be added to the selected class. The new students will all have “Pending PC” (Pending Power Challenge).

            Still have questions? Please submit a support ticket here or call us at 1-866-876-7323. You can also chat with a support representative by clicking on the chat icon on the top right corner of the LightSail screen.

            Updated: 18 Mar 2019 04:56 AM
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