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            Roster Changes: Add / Delete / Update Student or Teacher Account

            • Templates and Instructions


            • 1. Fill in all required columns. Student reading data (Column G) is not required but is useful.

              2. If a user is assigned to a brand new class, select "Yes" in Column F (Teacher Template) or Column G (Student Template).

              3. Enter each user only once. If a student or teacher is assigned to multiple classes, place a comma between class names.

              4. Indicate whether the user is being added, deleted or updated in Column G (Teacher Template) or Column H (Student Template).

            • Upload and Submit

            • Choose file(s)
              • Press "SUBMIT" to send your roster adjustments for processing.

                You will receive a confirmation as soon as your accounts have been processed.


              Updated: 20 Nov 2018 11:56 PM
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