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            Offline Mode

            LightSail allows students to read in Offline Mode when a Wi-Fi connection is unavailable.

            In order to access LightSail in offline mode, two conditions need to be met:

            1. First, you must already have a book checked out. While you are connected to Wi-Fi and logged into LightSail, check out the desired book by tapping on Read.
            2. Secondly, you must have previously logged into LightSail on the iPad that you wish to use in offline mode.

            LightSail will automatically adjust to Offline Mode if it does not detect a network connection, and will allow you to continue reading seamlessly. Upon connecting to Wi-Fi, all of your reading progress and assessment data will be updated in real time.

            You can also watch a short video explaining this feature here

            Still have questions? Please submit a support ticket here or call us at 1.866.876.7323.

            Updated: 04 Nov 2018 09:19 PM
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