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            How to add a new teacher?

            As a teacher, you can add a new class from the student and teacher roster. (If you are a Clever School, you cannot add new classes via LightSail). To add a new class do the following:

            1. Click on the Menu (3 green lines in the left corner)

            1. Click Rosters

            1. Choose Teacher Roster

            1. Click Add Teacher(s) on the bottom of the screen

            1. Add Teacher ID

            2. Add First Name

            3. Add Last Name

            4. Add Email (optional)

            5. Select Google SSO (optional)

            6. Choose a class or classes by selecting the dropdown arrow in Select Classes

            7. Click Save

            Still have questions? Please submit a support ticket here or call us at 1-866-876-7323. You can also chat with a support representative by clicking on the chat icon on the top right corner of the LightSail screen.


            Updated: 18 Mar 2019 04:32 AM
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