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            Hosts and Ports (Content Filtering/Firewall) - iPad

            For the LightSail app to function properly in a production environment, it must be able to access the following hosts and ports. These links must be whitelisted on the network's firewall so that LightSail may work. Workflow and more information about each connection can be found at the end of this document. 

            I. HOSTS AND PORTS




            The following is a description of the servers with which the LightSail app communicates, and a brief explanation of the workflow.

            User Launches the App:

            App connects to the relevant Application server – eg.


            If an update is available for the chosen Application Server, then the app connects to the relevant servers to perform the download:




            User Logs in for the First Time:

            App connects to the Adobe Activation Server:

            App connects to the relevant Application Server: eg.

            User Opens the Student Library:

            App fetches book thumbnail images from: (port 80)


            User Checks Out a Book:

            App invokes relevant API call: (port 80)

            App Authorizes Download of Selected Book:


            App Downloads Book from Baker & Taylor:

   (port 80)

            Crashlytics to Log Crashes (port 443):


            Proxy Support:

            We support both auto proxy and manual proxy.

            Download article below:

            Still have questions? Please submit a support ticket here or call us at 1.866.876.7323.

            Updated: 21 Nov 2018 04:08 AM
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