Using Google, ClassLink, and Clever Login

Using Google, ClassLink, and Clever Login

Users can access their LightSail accounts by entering their Google,ClassLink, or Clever credentials on their iPads, chromebooks or Android tablets.



1. Tap on the Google Login button on your LightSail login screen.

2. Enter the Google email address you provided to LightSail during setup. Tap Next.

3. Enter your Google password. Tap Sign In.

4. Tap Allow to give the LightSail app access to your Google profile. You will only have to complete this step once per device.


1. Tap on the Clever Login button on the Rosen-LightSail login screen.

2. Enter the name of your school.

3. Enter your Clever username and password. Tap Log in with Google, or Log in with Clever or Log in with Clever Badges.



1. Tap on the ClassLink Login button on the Rosen-LightSail login screen.

2. Enter your ClassLink username and Password.

3. Enter your code (optional)

4. Click Sign In or Sign in with Google


Still have questions? Please submit a support ticket here or call us at 1-866-876-7323. You can also chat with a support representative by clicking on the chat icon on the top right corner of the LightSail screen.

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